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Interesting and personal discussion about the homelessness and the ways to fight against it

There was a cultural conversation in the W2 Cultural Media House happening between Alvin Clayton, Big Fire-women and the host Angel Hamilton. The artist Alvin Clayton started to speak about his designed W2 placate. With this placate, he explained, he wants to put his word out for harm reduction, drug reduce and get awareness across to the young people. He's creating also a comic for harm reduction and for a drug strategy for children and youths in elementary schools and high schools. With his work he tries to make the children aware for all the problems like homelessness.
The other guest Big Fire-Women speaks about the coming hunger strike on saturday on Hastings/Main Street in which she will take part in. With the strike she wants to make awareness of what is going on in the society, especially the homelessness.
The whole discussion is about making awareness of the homelessness in different ways. The three participants are sharing a lot of personal experiences which are very accorded to the problem of the homeless people. These experiences are very useful to understand why these people fight for the poor, homeless and discriminated people of the society.

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