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From April 2010 to April 2011, W2 operated the former Storyeum as a festival, conference and exhibition venue for the benefit of the inner-city and people all over Vancouver. The 31,000 sq ft complex featured a large exhibition space, Community Media Lab, W2 Cafe catering, Sound Lab, Woodward’s Heritage Letterpress, W2 and member group offices, plus storage. As of May 2011, W2 is now in the Woodwards Heritage Building at 111 West Hastings


W2 Storyeum was the site of The Cheaper Show #9 on June 26, 2010 with thousands of art fans coming thru to see 400 works of art. Photo courtesy The Hue.

W2 Storyeum hosted ChangeCamp on June 12, 2010. Photo courtesy Jenny Lee Silver. More images on Flickr with tags VanChangeCamp and/or vcc2010

And if you are wondering what our front door looks like, here is a twitter pic from Fearless City Mobile's April Smith.


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