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In Summer 2011, W2 Media Cafe officially opened the doors to its new 10,000 square-foot space: a cultural hub where digital art, culture, food and social inclusion intersect. 


Located in the Woodward’s Atrium, W2 Media Cafe is an artist-run, globally networked media arts lab, Incubator, community meeting space and social enterprise cafe serving artists and residents of the Downtown Eastside and Vancouver.


Serving healthy, high quality food and drink and employing DTES residents, the cafe is like no other in the neighbourhood, offering a globally connected experience in a hyperlocal, community-supportive context. 


As entry point to the W2's workshops, community events, production facilities, Incubator space and programming, the cafe serves as front porch to the digital artists, DJs, technologists, writers, publishers, filmmakers, activists, community organizers, students and associate member groups who call W2 home.



  • Media arts lab with free wifi and computers
  • Media artist-in-residence program
  • Community meeting space
  • Social enterprise cafe serving affordable, high quality healthy food and employing DTES residents
  • Radio and TV broadcasting facilities
  • Woodward’s heritage letterpress
  • Office space and hot desk rental
  • Urban and digital sound and video showcases
  • Training and workshops in digital tools, technology, crossmedia, mobile, open web, social media, citizen journalism and more
  • Intern and volunteer opportunities in exchange for training in communications, technical production, programming, administration and more
  • Accessible public washrooms and lounge



W2’s mandate is to break the digital divide through access to technology and training while promoting social inclusion, encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and advancing issues of redress.


Technology in the hands of people can increase the effectiveness of their communication, especially in the DTES, where 6,000 people have no phone, Internet or computers. Technology can help community organisers and independent journalists advocate to make change in society, as well as help individuals function as more engaged citizens. Supporting access to technology can advance individual economic sustainability and identity. 


Through W2 Media Cafe, DTES and Vancouver residentscan learn about how to access the centre's multi-platform tools and technology, training, production facilities and the means of distribution. 


In addition to a media arts lab, Incubator and community meeting spaces, the new space also offers accessible public washrooms and a public lounge, and is the only remaining community amenity chosen by the community and City Council for the Woodward’s development following the Woodsquat in 2002.



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    Photo by Hilary Henegar


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