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Mayworks 2012


Mayworks Festival • April 29—May 18, 2012

Returning to Vancouver for 2012—for people who like politics with their culture! See below for calendar of events!
Ongoing call for proposals + participating events: Send submissions to info@creativetechnology.org


May 1 May Day 2012 Power to the 99% Uniting Local and International Struggles
The Vancouver and District Labour Council, The BC Federation of Labour, Occupy Vancouver, and W2 Community Media Arts Society invite you to join in solidarity to celebrate the International Day of the Worker. Demand democracy, freedom of expression and assembly, restoration of the right to strike and to occupy!
3pm | Vancouver Art Gallery - 750 Hornby Street | Event Page

May 1 Wake Up Discussion Society
Join the Wake Up Discussion Society for a facilitated dialogue in the Community Meeting Room at W2 Media Cafe.
7:30pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | Free

May 3 The Take - Movie Night and Panel Discussion 
Join us at W2 Media Cafe with panelists Alfonso Osorio and Derrick O'Keefe to watch and discuss the documentary The Take.
In the wake of Argentina's dramatic economic collapse in 2001, Latin America's most prosperous middle class finds itself in a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass unemployment. The Forja auto plant lies dormant until its former employees take action. They're part of a daring new movement of workers who are occupying bankrupt businesses and creating jobs in the ruins of the failed system.
7pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | Free | Event Page
May 1-12 Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box investigates Carmen Aguirre's remarkable life as an underground revolutionary in Chile. It's a story of terror, romance, fear and abandon that takes us from the dangerous mountain passes of Chile to the perilous roller coasters of Hollywood; from an ardent love affair with a TV star, to a passionate love for a revolutionary political movement that strove to free and change an entire nation. Post-show talkbacks after May 6th & 8th showings.
8pm | Vancity Culture Lab - 1895 Venables Street | $28 | Event Page

May 4 Mayworks Festival Presents: Indigenous After Dark with A Tribe Called Red featuring Iskwe, Dani & Lizzy, and more. Hosted by Ostwelve. Come dance, hang with family and friends and keep it #NativerThanYou for May 2012! Tickets available at People's CO-OP Bookstore, W2 Media Cafe and www.eventbrite.com
9pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | $15/20 | Event Page

May 11 SWAMP Theater: Worker Know Thyself
We live in a competitive society, where the lamentation of our overwork, sleep deprivation, lack of free time and long to-do lists become the trophies of our success.
How hard we work than becomes synonymous with our self worth; while at the same time the harder we work the farther away we come from ourselves. No matter what we do, how much we spend, how hard we work it never seems to be enough.
To question these standards then becomes an act of  subversion, as capitalism, consumerism and the work standard keep us consistently busy, drained, overtired, and distracted.
So! After we turn off our phones, leave our computers, set aside our projects and schedules - what are we left with?  Without all the external distractions- how can we re-invite that which makes us “enough”?
Join us for a three hour workshop where we will invite play, connection, discovery and vulnerability that ultimately challenge our participation in capitalist culture by allowing us to re-connect with ourselves and one another.
6-9pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | Free

May 11 RHOMBUS + W2 present KATE SIMKO [Spectral Sound - Hello?Repeat] Live AV Tour with special guests Miss Myte, Oliver Nickels, and Stefan Z. Kate has teamed up with visual artist Jeffrey Weeter to create a cutting-edge audio-visual display to complement the album release tour. Their collaborative efforts resulted in an innovative "live cinema" show in which Kate's music manipulates high definition video, in real-time. The subsequent live tour took in Asia, Europe and the Americas and included venues of the calibre of Fabric, Verboten in NYC, Copenhagen’s Culture Box, Eleven (Tokyo), Cocoliche (Buenos Aires) and Rex Club in Paris. Simko’s engaging A/V set took the world by storm.
10pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | $18/$20-25 | Event Page

May 11-12 Protecting Rights: Building Solidarity – A Workshop on Migrant Labour and Immigration Issues Sponsored by the BC Federation of Labour, CLC and BCGEU. This event is free to the public, but registration is required. Please send an email to conventions@bcgeu.ca
Chateau Granville Hotel | Free 

May 12 "Exotic," "Student," "New in town" : The Marketing & Selling of Asian Women in Vancouver
Come join us for an intriguing exploration of the buying and selling of Asian women and its negative impacts on achieving racial and gender equality!
Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution is pleased to host a viewing of a short clip of the National Film Board film "Avenue Zero" and a panel discussion to follow that address this issue. This event is free and is in recognition of Asian Heritage Month.
1pm | YWCA Downtown - 535 Hornby Street | Event Free with Registration

May 14 A Celebration of our Federal Leaders
Join us on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery as we reflect on the major accomplishments of our Federal Government. Featuring entertainment from local musicians, artists, and comedians, this event is not one to be missed.
8pm | Vancouver Art Gallery - 750 Hornby Street | Free
May 15-16 The Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour
The Sketchbook Project is a traveling library of artists' books created by thousands of people from across the globe. Together, thousands of creative people from around the world are forming a traveling library of artists' books.
3-7pm | W2 Media Cafe - 111 W Hastings | Event Page

May 1-18 W2 Morning Radio Project
Join W2 on air 6-8am PST Monday to Friday during the month of May for updates on the Mayworks Festival and Mayworks programming! Listen here.


This year’s Mayworks Festival is produced by W2 in association with artists, rank and file trade unionists, a dozen collaborating community organizations and unions (including the Vancouver & District Labour Council), in various venues throughout Vancouver.

Help renew this Vancouver tradition by joining the Mayworks Committee or suggesting a participating community event! Since it’s inception in 1988 and its last year in 2005, Mayworks has had several renewals, a variety of festival names, many organizational structures, dozens of visions, scores of funders, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters.

Mayworks is like an umbrella, with lots of events and projects produced by many different groups and individuals. Mayworks is envisioned as a banner under which our communities can organize cultural productions, education, mobilizations, and direct actions to celebrate and empower working class people. Through collaboration, Mayworks provides an opportunity to share in outreach, alliance-building and fundraising.

We’re aiming to reclaim May Day as a day to recognize the ongoing struggle of workers for their rights, decent wages and working conditions - and for working class power. We see the historical traditions of May Day as an opportunity to unite communities.

Culture - in the many ways it is expressed - is the life blood which nurtures and sustains our struggles. Mayworks also aims to mobilize and present cultural workers in Vancouver who are resisting the commodification of their work within the market-based economy.

Mayworks is inspired by world-wide efforts against injustice and oppression, and for a celebration of working class solidarity.


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